I strive to offer the best suitable treatment I can for your presenting complaints. By Listening to your goals, Assessing your movement, both generally and specifically for restrictions, then Formulating and providing a Treatment to address those concerns we begin a path to restore you to the best that you can be. By incorporating self-care strategies such as stretching and exercise our treatment plan gives you the power to manage your health now and into the future.

To be able to provide you with my best, my initial treatments are always a minimum of 1 hour (60 min.). This allows me to get a solid understanding of your history and current complaints. I then asses your presenting conditions and treat accordingly. If you have multiple complaints please add 30 min. for each so I will have time to address them properly.

Types of modalities I use in my treatments.

Active Release Therapy (ART)

– specific point pressure combined with active (patient action) or passive (therapist action) movement of the treated area. Ideal for stubborn muscular adhesions or chronic conditions

Myofascial Release

– a passive technique used to treat the connective tissues throughout the body. It can be very superficial (gentle) or very deep depending on the structures or conditions being treated (chronic vs acute)

Cranial Techniques

– an often gentle but purposeful modality treating the components of the central nervous system. This helps improve mobility and bring nourishment to the communication structures between our brain and our body.

Visceral Mobilization

– is the treatment of organs (solid structures) and viscera (hollow structures) of the internal body, commonly referred to as the ‘guts’. Like any other part of us, they move when we do and can become adhered to their neighbors by inflammation, spasm or trauma.

Joint Mobilization

– is the treatment of the joints to help restore them to their greatest available range. Mobilizations range from low (minimal movement) to high (end range with encouragement) and are done within the comfort of the patient.

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)

– uses the inherent power of the body to help move a joint. Often used to treat dysfunctions where muscles are holding a joint (s) in a less than ideal position. Examples are non-structural scoliosis (spinal S curve) and non-fixated pelvic malalignment.

Neurodynamic Therapy

– uses specific patterned movements to slide and glide ‘adhered’ or ‘hung up’ nerves. This frees the nerve along their path from the spinal nerve roots to their ends at their effector muscles.


All rates include tax
90 min. – $145.00
60 min. – $100.00 (Initial visit min.)
45 min. – $85.00
30 min. – $60.00

Registered Massage Therapy is covered by 3rd party medical insurance. As each plan and provider differs please contact yours for details of your plan. It is also partially covered for eligible MSP candidates.